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Will take forever!!

I have not gotten sick since I started taking this blend.

Best tea I ever had

Can’t live without it!

I’ve been taking this immunity blend for over a year. I ran out for a month or so and did I ever feel the difference in my overall energy levels and well being. Back on it now for a couple weeks and the changes are noticeable right away! So much energy and zero brain fog!

Lions Mane Gives Me Focus

I am loving how well Lions Mane helps me while I'm working. I really need to pay attention to detail at my job, and when I start getting distracted, I take Lions Mane and I get a bit of energy and a whole lot of focus back. Thank you Lions Mane!

Love them!

We are loving this mushroom blend!


Love them, I have energy all day. I combine turkey tail and lion's Mane. Good quality products.

Great product!

So far so good. One month in.

Highly Recommend

These Lion's Mane capsules are great! Easy to take, no aftertaste, and I have noticed greater clarity in just a month of taking them daily. I will definitely continue taking them as part of my daily routine.

Please make more!!

I just went to place another order of some of my favourites mushroom supplements and I was disappointed to see you ran out but I can totally see why!!
I loved these gummies. I genuinely felt more focused while enjoying these gummies.
Please make more!!

Great product

This will help, wonderful results

First timer

I decided to try these organic mushroom capsules instead of relying on meds to help me relieve stress and to give me energy etc. I’ve tried the Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane for the past three weeks and I feel the difference. I have been able to accomplish a lot more with energy and focus and also getting the sleep I need to refuel. I was also getting sick every couple of weeks and so far so good. I’m ready to continue on… :)
I had reached out with questions prior to ordering by to see which product would be recommended for what, the staff were quick to respond and helpful. Money has been tight for my household also and having a sale on and then being able to save even more through reordering etc has made it possible for me to venture into this new natural way of life!

Love it. Levels me out nicely for anything the day throws at me! Highly recommend!


I was surprised how much of a difference this made in my memory and clarity. Will definitely purchase again

Turkey Tale

Added this to my combo (lion and Cordy) and can see a difference in my gut health and digestion. Really into IT! Thank you!

Focus focus focus!

So I ordered these in a whim. Mushrooms and their benefits are not new to me, so I curious to try these.
Shipping was prompt and I received them within a week.
I have been taking them for 2 weeks now and am already noticing a better focus.
I will be continuing these supplements and possibly try them with my son for school in the fall

Great product! Fast shipping. Will order again :)

Great product. Love Lions Mane!

HEALTHY humans and dog in my home

This is a good blend for both people and for my dog. She has been sharing this with us since she was a pup. So far, my dog's immune system is great. We haven't been to her vet for 2 years, besides a health check up. Ultimately, this is always our goal. Having good health in our home.

Excellent Product!

I am very happy with the Daily Blend - a boost to energy, clearer mind and overall feeling good. Thank you StayWyld!

Turkey tail for everything that ales you

Great product that I trust, most of my friends use Turkey tail daily

Brain Fog Gone

Brain fog has gone and replaced with a sense of clarity and wellness. Been taking for 3 months. Great product!

Clean energy!

This is a great mushroom. I feel the focus and the energy when I put Cordyceps mushroom powder in my smoothies and it is clean, no after effects like caffeine. It feels like a steady energy I would recommend it for sure.

Retour de la memoir !

Je donne les supplement de Lion's Mane Mushroom a ma mere de 81 ans et je constate des ameliorations significative en seulement 1 mois !
Merci !

I just feel better.

I am an investor but before I was I tried these mushrooms to see if I felt a difference as there are many products out there that promise all sorts of benefits but don’t deliver. The daily immunity with the lions mane is a fantastic combo that has helped with my digestive issues and cleared my brain fog. But overall I just feel better.

Fantastic products , shipped fast !

Focus Gummy

I pop a couple of these at work when I need to buckle down on a task or when I am home and find my attention wandering. Taste still needs some work but it’s worth it.