She's Hooked on PLANTS and MUSHROOMS

I know what these little wonders can do to diversify your gut microbiome

Why we love Julia.

Julia Murray has been with us since the beginning, a beacon of light, energy, and unwavering positivity. ☀️

She’s like sunshine walking amongst us.

Julia is a born-and-raised Whistler kid with Olympic skiers for parents and one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the world right outside her door.

On her own Olympic quest as a ski-cross athlete, Julia became increasingly interested in her health and well-being. So she became a nutritionist and a vegan, started a cereal company, and grew into a supportive voice for many people starting out on their own health journeys.

Literally hooked on plants and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Julia gets after it every day, skiing, biking, paddling, and constantly seeking adventure. No one has more fun or is more fun to have fun with.

How do you mushroom?

"For the past four years, I have been up-leveling my life with functional mushrooms. It is my ultimate habit stack and allows me to effortlessly benefit my overall health, increasing my antioxidant count and boosting my immunity. As a Registered Nutritionist, I know what these little wonders can do to diversify your gut microbiome and act as adaptogens (bringing our bodies back to balance). Similar to mycelium in the forest floor nourishing the trees, these little mushrooms restore our bodies with balance and support us where we need it. Each variety is a superhero in its own unique way: Chaga for antioxidants,
Turkey tail for potential cancer prevention, Reishi for stress relief, Cordyceps for blood flow and athlete recovery and Lion’s Mane for the brain!"

–Julia Murray

What are your favourite Stay Wyld Products?

The Focus Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies for office days and beyond, the Stay Wyld's Daily Defend powder and vegan capsules (for my smoothies or if I’m travelling) and Cordyceps caps for workouts + recovery.

Julia Murray's Favourite Product