Functional Mushrooms for Energy: Their Benefits and More

Functional Mushrooms for Energy: Their Benefits and More

Functional Mushrooms for Energy: Their Benefits and More

Mushrooms have been a delicacy all over the world for centuries. However, they offer so much more than just food. Various mushrooms for energy help us maintain our well-being because these bodies are just like clockwork; they perform well when supported effectively. 

So, whatever part of your body isn’t functioning well, there’s probably a mushroom to jumpstart your system. With holistic nutrition and functional medicine going mainstream, there’s a resurgence in interest in these phenomenal superfoods. 

There are different types of mushrooms in the market. How do you identify the ones to buy in supplement or tincture form versus which ones to just cook and eat? This article encapsulates the best mushrooms for energy.

Let’s look at some of the energy-boosting mushrooms to consider:



Mushrooms for Energy Support

Do mushrooms help with energy? Yes. Several mushrooms support your energy and exercise by adding value differently. They act as turbo shots for the immune system. Here are some of the mushrooms to use to amp up your energy levels. 

Cordyceps for Fuel

First and foremost, the most appreciated mushroom for energy is, by far, cordyceps. Also referred to as the “Olympic Mushroom,” it provides your body with Cordycepin, a bioavailable compound. This compound has similarities to ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate), which adds to your cellular energy. The body utilizes cordycepin as ATP without spending energy to create it; you can call it “free fuel!”

Why do Cordyceps give you energy? Cordyceps supports the natural production of ATP, thus supporting your energy levels. So, as you take Cordyceps, you’re not only keeping your energy levels up but also permanently inheriting some of it. Cordyceps mushroom capsules are also a great supporter of lung health and aids in oxygen absorption and utilization at the cellular level. By supporting oxygen utilization, it keeps your endurance. 

Need a pre-workout boost, or are you feeling low on energy? Cordyceps is your fungus of choice. This mushroom is known for being extremely stimulating – for both your libido and overall vitality. 

A famous reference exists for the positive effects of Cordyceps in boosting energy. In 1993, three athletes (Chinese women) from one team set a new record during Beijing national games. After that, there was a doping suspicion; thankfully, they tested negative. They went ahead and credited their above-average endurance and performance to Cordyceps. 

As you can see, there is clear evidence of this mushroom's ability to improve athletic performance and speed up muscle recovery. Add your Cordyceps supplements of choice to your favorite pre and post-workout meal to boost your energy and after-workout recovery. 

Need a pick-me-up? Cordyceps always comes to the rescue



Shiitake for B Vitamins

As much as plenty of mushrooms contain high B vitamin levels, Shiitake carries the day for the highest concentration. This attribute makes it our next best pick for the best mushrooms that boost energy. B vitamins ensure that your body turns food into the energy you can use. Also, these nifty shrooms contain phytonutrients that aid in plaque buildup prevention, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and blood circulation.

All B vitamins are essential for your health, and it’s impossible to differentiate the ones that are more crucial for your health. We, therefore, advise you to consider taking the daily mushroom immunity blend capsules by Stay Wyld Organics. This blend contains many vitamins and minerals that most people miss through their dietary choices. 

Reishi for Balance

Because Reishi supports body hormones, it’s also an excellent mushroom choice for boosting energy. It contains adaptogenic properties. In the 1960s, a Russian doctor looked into fueling soldiers with non-addictive substances that wouldn’t risk causing energy crashes. 

Thus, he came up with adaptogens whose primary function when taken was to adapt. Moreover, adaptogens support the body’s natural response to stress, support energy, and aid relaxation. Today, adaptogens help you acclimate like adaptogenic plants. These plants thrive in extreme conditions and multiple seasons. 

All adaptogens must be non-toxic and safe for consumption for extended periods, and you can take the supplements anytime. Also, while all mushrooms possess adaptogenic properties, Cordyceps and Reishi are the stars. Herbs such as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola are potent adaptogens, and when combined with mushrooms, they support your vigor.  



Chaga as an Antioxidant

Chaga mushrooms are excellent contenders in fighting inflammation and free radicals. They’re an antioxidant powerhouse because this dark black mushroom fights oxidative stress linked to low energy levels and skin aging. In addition, it prevents or slows cancer growth while lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad” cholesterol. Add Chaga mushroom capsules to your daily routine for better overall energy. 



Lion’s Mane for Boosting the Brain

Experiencing a bad case of brain fog? The Lion’s Mane mushroom helps with natural mental clarity. The feathery mushroom possesses antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and boost your energy levels. Also, Lion’s Mane is rare because it encourages the production of the bioprotein nerve growth factor (NGF) and insulation around nerve fibers known as myelin. Both myelin and NFG are crucial in boosting energy by improving one’s brain health. 

An imbalance in these two components leads to neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's. This miraculous mushroom helps improve cognition. Alleviate irritability and anxiety, and increase concentration. 

Add a spoonful of Lion’s Mane powder to your cup of tea for an antioxidant-packed cup of mental clarity and energy. 



The Takeaway

Adding these energy-boosting mushroom supplements to your daily routine is a great way to reap all the magical benefits. It’s also advisable to adhere to the authorized dosage per day. Even when there’s no evidence of an energy boost, increasing your intake isn’t advisable, mainly because the mushrooms are still under more clinical tests to ascertain their benefits.

Additionally, always talk to your health practitioner in advance, especially if you’re pregnant or using certain medications. You should also learn to do a little research on the mushroom that tickles your fancy before indulging. 

With all of the above energy-boosting mushrooms to choose from, which one are you most excited to try out first? 

Let us know!

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