Anna Lengstrand's Chaga Cowboy Coffee

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Anna Lengstrand is a food chemist and a card-carrying Wyld Trybe Member

Anna’s Cowboy Chaga Coffee Recipe:

º 2 tsp Dried Coffee ** you can substitute Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion Root as a caffeine free alternative

º 1 tsp Chaga Powder

º Hot Water

º A splash of MCT oil

º Oat Mylk **or your choice Enjoy


Wyld Trybe's Anna Lengstrand never goes without a coffee (she is Swedish afterall) and she shows us her favourite COWBOY CHAGA COFFEE at her barn in Pemberton, BC (our hometown).

 When you make a Medicinal Mushroom Coffee with Stay Wyld Organic's Mushroom Powders you are getting a FULL SPECTRUMmushroom. Many experts believe that enjoying the whole mushroom is the best way to get its benefits. And that's why we harvest and process our mushrooms the way we do. We have a Proprietary Heat Steaming Process to increase bioavailability.


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